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Roc Chen - The Wandering Earth (2019) File list

cover.jpg 424.17KB

24. Lighter Core.mp3 457.65KB

31. Investigate Moss.mp3 1.05MB

12. Get in Trouble.mp3 1.53MB

33. Looking at Stars.mp3 1.62MB

19. Earth Beyond Reach.mp3 1.77MB

07. Counting Down.mp3 1.79MB

13. Runaway during Chinese New Years Festival.mp3 1.83MB

41. Rise of the Flame.mp3 1.85MB

25. Signal Flare.mp3 1.96MB

42. It-s Unreasonable to Expect Humans to Stay Reasonable.mp3 2.51MB

22. Trapped in Cell.mp3 2.53MB

39. Power is Connected.mp3 2.56MB

38. Duoduo on the Radio.mp3 2.91MB

01. The Wandering Earth Main Theme.mp3 3MB

32. Jupiter Ahead in the Sky.mp3 3.07MB

29. Grandpa-s Driver License.mp3 3.21MB

27. Duoduo-s Story.mp3 3.83MB

05. Grandpa is Home.mp3 3.91MB

23. Run in the Canyon of Ice.mp3 3.92MB

17. Last Day of Work.mp3 3.94MB

03. Shanghai Ice Wall.mp3 3.99MB

21. The Frozen Shanghai.mp3 4.03MB

15. The Earth Engine.mp3 4.11MB

20. Interception of No.373 Truck.mp3 4.25MB

16. 17 Years Later.mp3 4.27MB

10. Goodbye Jupiter- Earth Reborn.mp3 4.36MB

30. Reunion.mp3 4.51MB

34. A New Hope.mp3 4.8MB

37. Duoduo and Liu Peiqiang Ask for Support for Sulawesi.mp3 5.42MB

08. Last Days on Earth.mp3 6.57MB

04. Trembling Heart.mp3 7.14MB

43. Live On- This is an Order.mp3 7.35MB

35. Briefing the Operation.mp3 7.96MB

40. Ignite-.mp3 8.03MB

26. Shanghai Tower.mp3 8.03MB

06. A Wish during Spacewalk.mp3 8.55MB

18. Earth out of Control.mp3 8.57MB

28. Preparing to Go Outside the Space Station.mp3 8.69MB

09. Farewell under the Stars.mp3 9.88MB

02. The Disaster and Project Wandering Earth.mp3 9.99MB

14. The Frozen Beijing City.mp3 10.24MB

11. New Journey.mp3 16.05MB

36. Sulawesi Command Center.mp3 19.9MB


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