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1. Waiting for Your Return.mp3 7.16MB

10. Can’t Help Falling in Love.mp3 8.05MB

11. Wo Yao Ni De Ai (I Want Your Love - I Want You to Be My Baby).mp3 5.1MB

12. Yellow.mp3 9.84MB

13. Vote.mp3 8.08MB

14. Money (That’s What I Want).mp3 7.69MB

2. Money (That’s What I Want).mp3 7.68MB

3. Wo Yao Ni De Ai (I Want Your Love - I Want You To Be My Baby).mp3 6.16MB

4. My New Swag.mp3 9.7MB

5. Give Me a Kiss.mp3 7.29MB

6. Ren Sheng Jiu Shi Xi.mp3 6.98MB

7. Ni Dong Bu Dong (Do You Understand).mp3 5.81MB

8. Wo Yao Fei Shang Qing Tian.mp3 7.52MB

9. Material Girl (200 Du).mp3 10.15MB

cover.jpg 353.36KB

Score/1. Crazy Rich Asians_ Love Theme.mp3 6.9MB

Score/10. Shopping Spree.mp3 4.07MB

Score/11. First Class.mp3 2.8MB

Score/12. Hide the Jimmy Choos.mp3 6.93MB

Score/13. Cousin Eddie and Cousin Alistair.mp3 3.37MB

Score/14. Choices.mp3 8.49MB

Score/15. We’ll Get Through It Together.mp3 7.5MB

Score/16. Astrid and Rachel.mp3 3.82MB

Score/17. Without Reservation.mp3 6.45MB

Score/18. Family First.mp3 4.82MB

Score/19. Lost in the Jungle.mp3 2.2MB

Score/2. Text Ting Swing.mp3 9.22MB

Score/20. Lunch on the Goh.mp3 7.85MB

Score/21. Parallel Decisions.mp3 10.85MB

Score/22. Running Away.mp3 5.64MB

Score/23. Because of Me.mp3 7.55MB

Score/24. Jubilee Bop.mp3 9.45MB

Score/3. Approaching the Palace.mp3 4.32MB

Score/4. Astrid.mp3 12.42MB

Score/5. Solitude.mp3 5.9MB

Score/6. Astrid and the Earrings.mp3 4.21MB

Score/7. Arrival in Singapore.mp3 6.27MB

Score/8. Rainy Nights in London.mp3 6.68MB

Score/9. Rachel’s Story.mp3 6.11MB

Score/cover.jpg 326.07KB


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